We are delighted to announce that our recent Ofsted inspection (September 2023) was rated GOOD, with OUTSTANDING in Early Years.


Statement of Intent - PE
At St John the Baptist, we aim to encourage children to develop a positive attitude towards achieving and enjoying a healthy lifestyle, whilst at school, home and during later life and that the children’s experience of PE is positive and motivating ensuring that all of our children will enjoy a broad and balanced PE curriculum.
The curriculum we use provides pupils with a variety of skills, including social, personal and physical skills. Children will learn through playing games and learning new skills with a variety of equipment across a range of accessible sporting activities. Accessibility is very important to us as we envision an inclusive curriculum that helps to build confidence in all children.
We care greatly about our children’s health and fitness and consider this a priority when planning any PE activity. The Real PE system and the National curriculum is used to set out objectives for each year group. These skills are also combined with other sports through the academic year. We build on these sports to help encourage children to try new sports and inspire them to take on these activities outside of school. The objectives are progressive and children are able to refer to previous learning from Key Stage 1 on dance, movement, co-ordination and co-operation. This helps build on their understanding, creates links and challenges them to become greater PE learners.